Apr 11, 2017

TAL Manufacturing Solutions, a Tata Group company, recently launched its first ever ‘Made in India’ robot called ‘TAL BRABO’ in the country. The company has now received CE certification for its Made in India robot and can now sell it in the European market. The robot complies with essential requirements relevant to European health, safety and environmental legislation, permitting export of the TAL BRABO Robot to customers in Europe.

The robot has been developed by TAL’s in-house by a team of six engineers and the development cost is reported to be about Rs 10 crore. The design of the robot was done in-house at TAL; styling was done at Tata Elxi, and manufacturing of some parts at Tata AutoComp, while Tata Capital provided the finance.

Cost effective robot

The robot is developed for micro, small and medium enterprises which require cost effective robotic solutions for their manufacturing purposes. Brabo is priced at Rs 3 lakh for 2 kg payload, and Rs 6 lakh for 10 kg payload. The main advantage Tata will have is the localized manufacturing of the robot which will help it to price the robots lower than foreign players.




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