Mar 27, 2018

RS India is the JV between RUJ (Rajendra and Ursula Joshi Skill Development) and the Swiss Company SRM Technologies. The company has recently set-up India’s first of its kind ‘Swiss Precision & Assembly’ unit in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

With an investment over Rs 300 crore this state-of-the-art Swiss Precision and Assembly plant has high-quality advanced machineries which are imported from Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Japan. Machines are capable of unattended production time of up to 24 hours daily. In Jaipur, the highly advanced machineries are imported from Japan and Switzerland and the production capacity of the RS India plant promises 5650 MT per annum and will generate employment for 250 workers. The company intends to export its major portion of its production and to explore the domestic market to utilize its full production capacity.

The mission of RS India is to provide best of the solutions to the manufacturing industry for their need of high precision metal parts with value addition of metal anodizing, painting and heat treatment, etc. It aims to offer manufacturing solutions to the sectors like Health and Medical, Automotive, Polymechanical, Machine Automation, Laboratory Technology, Photo Technology and Aerospace, etc., where high precision parts play a crucial role for the end products.

Dr. Rajendra Joshi, Chairman of RUJ Group said, “Various sectors witness a great demand of precision parts in India and despite the relatively high number of precision parts manufacturers, the sector is challenged by import reliance. Investment in manufacturing of precision parts is essential to further develop and expand prime sectors of the economy, including the automotive, healthcare, logistics and electronic industries. Seeing the opportunity in India, we are offering the Swiss Precision & Assembly solutions with the world class plant equipped with international machineries and technology in India.”

This newly inaugurated Swiss precision and assembly plant will be initially furnishing orders received from SRM Technologies as their Switzerland facility is operating at its optimum production capacity and has 2 years orders pending in advance. Many globally acclaimed companies like Siemens, Roche, Schneider Electric, Sika, Leica, Audi, and Metalaire are regular clients of SRM Technologies in Switzerland. Now in India, with the same excellence, the newly constructed plant will be also manufacturing precision parts for the same companies and exporting as per the orders.

Switzerland based, Peter Strebel, CEO of SRM Technologies, said, “The competition among the developing countries is becoming fiercer and Indian producers are disadvantaged by recent economic gains that have driven up the price level and reduced the competitiveness of Indian as well as Swiss products. In order to sustain their lead, Indian manufacturers are increasingly emphasizing the importance of efficient and effective production in compliance with international standards. Acknowledging these challenges producers in all industrial sectors are continuously striving to improve and upgrade production processes. We, being now in India will be helping to overcome these challenges by using SRM’s legacy of producing excellence at RS India.”

At RS India, the manufacturing processes and techniques like Milling, Turning, Swiss Style Lathe and Turning, Surface Grinding, Cylindrical Grinding, Punching, Laser Cutting, Heat Treating, Anodizing, Planting, Powder Coating, Direct Material Laser Sintering (DLMS), Injection Molding etc processes are available with the technologically advanced machineries imported from Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Japan. These machines are equipped with programmable visual systems that complement and enhance process control capabilities.  These systems help reduce inspection time, eliminate human error, and generate statistical data in real time to keep a check allowing constant quality monitoring.

Jayant Joshi, MD, RS India concludes, “RS India is a highly technical and zero error precision parts manufacturing unit in collaboration with a Swiss company SRM Technologies, Switzerland.  We are proud to have such a decent plant in Jaipur, India.”


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