With an aim to further strengthen a wave of robotics solutions in the country, TAL Manufacturing, a TATA Enterprise, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Motors has launched India’s first indigenous Robot-TAL BRABO. TAL BRABO, is set to take Industrial manufacturing in India by storm, terming the phenomena as ‘Robolution’, Industrial Robotics will take a quantum leap with TAL BRABO expanding their robot lineup to cater to OEMs, medium and small enterprises, which require cost competitive automated solutions for their manufacturing purposes.

Available for payloads of 2 kg and 10 kg, TAL BRABO has been developed in-house at TAL Manufacturing Solutions Pune. The robots are designed to complement human workforce and perform repetitive, high volume, dangerous and time consuming tasks cutting across multiple industries. TAL Manufacturing has supplied these robots to several sectors including automotive, electronics, software testing, plastics, logistics, education, aerospace, heavy engineering among others, thus simplifying industrial manufacturing with improved quality and productivity.

India’s first ‘Made in India’ Robot

Amit Bhingurde, Chief Operations Officer, TAL Manufacturing & Solutions Ltd says, “Customer-Centricity is at the core of TAL BRABO’s operations; it follows the outside-in- perspective to solve the numerous problems of its customers in the manufacturing space. Our aim is to strive and deliver best engineered solutions, our vast experience in providing manufacturing solutions and in mechatronics, enables us to offer ingenious engineering solutions especially for the pain points of manufacturers; thereby ensuring a seamless customer service experience. By supporting the various industries, we are also expanding our product portfolio which will help more manufacturers realize the benefits available from robotic technology.

With the launch of ‘TAL BRABO’, the country’s first Made-In-India Robot, we aspire to ‘robolutionize’ the industry by offering a strong value proposition to our customers. Having recently received the CE certification, we at TAL take pride in being a provider of world-class engineering solutions, not just for India, but for Europe and the rest of the world. The size of the Indian robotics market will grow substantially in the years to come. We will continue to deliver the best engineered solutions by supporting various industries, and expanding our portfolio with break through products.”

TAL BRABO’S offering is based on two key factors, Reliability and simplicity of machine. With 4 patents and CE certification in their pool and a few more patents to be granted in the future, TAL BRABO intends to simplify industrial manufacturing, improve quality, productivity and also induce flexibility. The new safe, reliable and simple design is aimed to make it easy for users to program, edit and maintain. TAL BRABO design was consciously made user friendly so that users without any previous robot experience can operate it.

TAL BRABO is aimed to cater to a vast majority of SME and MSMEs who are yet to utilize unique advantage of using industrial robot, due to high entry barriers of ‘Robotics’. There is a perception that robots are for big companies and for operating a robot one needs to have considerable experience in operating a robot which is not a fact any longer with TAL BRABO in the market. TAL BRABO is poised to change the manufacturing ecosystem where not only OEM but also tier 2 tier 3 suppliers can automate their facilities and can easily deploy robots. Indigenous manufacturing of robots at the Tata Motors campus in Pune along with easy availability of spares and trained manpower will usher in a new chapter of robotics in India.

Since its inception more than 40 years ago, TAL brings a lot of experience and expertise in providing manufacturing solutions. In export markets, TAL BRABO has already started exporting to the Middle East countries, and will now be predominantly targeting towards markets in SAARC countries.

The BRABO can be used for varied applications for tasks like pick & placement of materials, assembly of parts, machine & press tending, for sealant application, camera and vision based application, deburring, chamfering, abrading application besides testing and validation application. The current list of BRABO customers includes, Mahindra & Mahindra, Diebold, CPG Industries, Hydromatik, SGK Industries, BITS Dubai Campus, Suparna Plastics, Micromax Systems, Twin Engineers, AM Ecosystems Kaziranga University & TATA Motors Ltd.


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