Aug 9, 2017

OMRON, a global leader in advanced industrial automation, is showcasing its innovative and futuristic solutions, including IIoT and robotics, at the ongoing Automation Show 2017 in Mumbai.

India is projected to become the fifth largest manufacturing country in the world by 2020 which would significantly increase the sector’s contribution to the GDP from the current level of 16 per cent. OMRON automation solutions are positioned to established harmony between ‘Man and Machine’ aiming to support the manufacturers in the country to make world-class products as they rise up the value chain in terms of many deliverables such as productivity, operational efficiency, quality and safety to name just a few.

At the show

The OMRON booth curated around the theme of SENSING & CONTROL + THINK, displays robotics, Sysmac Automation solution with IIoT, vision & traceability, motion control, smart panel and safety solutions at the show.

Commenting on OMRON’s participation at the Automation Expo 2017, Sameer Gandhi, Managing Director, OMRON Automation India said, “With the accelerated growth of technology and advancement in the industry we aim to bring in futuristic solutions that are built on the pillar of harmony between ‘Man and Machine’. Catering to many industry segments such as automotive, packaging, FMCG, food n beverage, infrastructure our solutions are based on ILOR+ S solution (Input, Logic, Output, Robotics + Safety) helping India meet the manufacturing needs of tomorrow. With the new manufacturing policy in offing, we are ready to serve our customers in the manufacturing sector with high-end as well as mid-range automation solutions.”

The Robotics corner at the booth displays the OMRON Mobile Robot which is amongst world’s smartest and most productive autonomous intelligent vehicles signifying OMRON’s philosophy of creating collaboration between human beings & machines to increase productivity in manufacturing and logistics operations. The corner also showcases the OMRON Pick n Place Scara Robot which gives a glimpse of the utility of automation in the most demanding yet repetitive manual 24/7 tasks. It reduces manual labour work and allows the employees to be more efficient, focusing on higher-level tasks that require more complex and creative human skills.

Helping to create connected shop floor, OMRON’s IIoT based exhibits exemplify the best use of real-time sensor-based information in reducing downtime and improving the efficiency of product changeover and many more.

Since 2002, the Automation Expo—one of the leading exhibitions in the country focusing on the sector—has grown as an ideal platform to experience the advancements in technology in the field of factory automation. The OMRON booth is located at F2, Hall no 1 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre where the show is on till August 12, 2017.


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