Aug 14, 2018

From Festo’s innovative bionic bots to Sony’s robotic Aibo dog, the exploration and perks of technology aim to make life convenient and relaxing for humans.

The future is calling and how! Robots are soon set to become a part of our daily lives for carrying out our household chores or just making our life more stress-free. This year’s robotic evolutions have brought new dimensions to the world of artificial intelligence.

Festo’s bionic bots

Festo’s Bionic Learning Network has introduced some of the most startling robots that have been inspired by nature. The popular and lightweight eMotion butterflies that merged hi-tech technologies with the look of butterflies were a hit in the market in the recent past. This year, the company has gone a step ahead and created two new robotic concepts evolved from nature – the Flying Fox and the Wheel Bot.

Bionic flying fox: The flying fox robot resembles a bat and is equipped with integrated on-board electronics with an external motion-tracking system. Weighting only 580 g, the lightweight robot comprises a wingspan of 228 cm along with a body length of 87 cm. The Flying Fox can seamlessly fly because of the kinematics of its wing which is covered with an elastic membrane that is robust, ultra light and thin. Capable of moving around in a defined space, the robot communicates with the assistance of a motion-tracking system which includes two infrared cameras that help it to track the entire flight.

Bionic wheel bot: The Bionic wheel bot is inspired by the flic-flac spider and the eight legged robot can somersault and even roll on rough terrains. With the aid of kinetics, the robot is quicker when it rolls as compared to when it’s walking. To watch the spider is action is an attractive sight to watch.

Aeolus robot

The home robot, Aeolus comes as a blessing to all those who are struggling to keep their homes tidy. Vacuuming the floor, mopping floors, doing the dishes, you name it and Aeolus is at your service. Although at a prototype stage, one can also have a conversation with the bot owing to its embedded Alexa built in system. The cameras above its LED eyes can also learn faces, objects, and can associate locations with objects.

Sony’s Aibo

Sony Aibo reintroduces its robotic Aibo dogs. In terms of looks not much has changed as compared to its ancestor versions but they have become a lot smarter with the ability to react to patting and voice instructions, recognise faces, and even obey commands. The pup can also safeguard your house thanks to the camera installed in its nose. Other plus points include Wi-Fi connectivity along with location and mapping software through which the robot learns from his owner and then develops its own distinct personality. With 22 incorporated axes, the Aibo pup is capable of moving around like a natural dog.

Robotic Suitcase CX-1

The fully autonomous robot suitcase follows its owner wherever they go! Equipped with a camera at the front and the ability to study facial recognition, the suitcase has been launched by Chinese company ForwardX. The robot also has the capability to dodge obstacles in its way so that it doesn’t lose sight of you. In case something does go wrong and the distance between the bag and the owner increases i.e. more than 3 meters then the suitcase will send an instant alert on your Smart Band. Auto-locking and safety are the other features of this innovative creation. Now you can travel hands free without worrying about your luggage.

With just six months into this year, the market has witnessed a peak in robotic innovations. With half of the year remaining and the robotic industry becoming more competitive, we will surely see the rise of many new robots till the end of the year. Human-robot collaboration is the future!


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