Apr 10, 2018

AI is one of the big league concepts in today’s ever changing technological world. A popular concept worldwide, industries along with countries are constantly trying to test this idea across numerous segments. The business potential in this upcoming technology cannot be ignored and France realises this. France has joined the team of AI hubs which includes the USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland and China.

Recently, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron made his vision for the country to become an artificial intelligence hub public. An amount of €1.5 billion will be invested over a period of five years for making the country an AI research and innovation specialist. This means that companies can now carry out research across diverse sectors such as autonomous vehicles and healthcare.

Leading the artificial intelligence race

Speaking of autonomous vehicles, both American-based company Tesla and Google have already launched driverless cars and are undergoing test trails to perfect their systems. On the other hand, one of the leading German automobile majors, Volkswagen along with Uber have partnered with artificial intelligence firm, Nvidia to develop driverless cars.

For Uber, the company created the Uber self-driving programme and has already driven about a million miles on its own. In the case of Volkswagen, Nvidia’s new Drive IX platform will be used to integrate the artificial intelligence technology into the automobile maket's future production lineup. The technology will assist self driving by processing sensor data inside and outside the car. The new-age cars will be capable of making split-second decisions to ensure an efficient and smooth ride.

This year in March, Toyota has also launched a model of its driverless car called ‘Yui’ which is powered by artificial intelligence. This way, the Japanese automobile leader’s transformational vehicle can interact with its passengers and get to know their likes and dislikes. Trial runs for this vehicle are expected to take place in 2020. Other global players including BMWFordGeneral MotorsNissan and many other players are also working on strategies to incorporate artificial intelligence in their self driving vehicles. The implementation of artificial intelligence in self-driving vehicles will transform people’s lives like never before.

AI revolution

Artificial intelligence enables vehicles to comprehend data sent out from cameras, sensors and software in order to take quick action and decisions accordingly. This new car revolution is picking up pace in the market and now it’s just a matter of time of who launches the prefect AI powered driverless vehicle at the right time.

There are endless elements of artificial intelligence and its applications.


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