Collaborative robots or popularly known as ‘cobots’ have been witnessing growth not only in large manufacturing firms but medium and small-sized firms as well. Ahlam Rais interacts with industry leaders and traces some of the key benefits of cobots.

The huge demand for palletising robots is expected to bring in many technological innovations to meet the requirements of the customer. Universal robots and Fanuc have recently upgraded the game with their unique solutions.

As another year has gone by, the collaborative robots market introduced many innovative cobots with an aim to ease production and further explore the human-machine collaboration concept. Ahlam Rais singles out three of the most efficient and cool cob

In 2018, China's machine tool industry is running smoothly, the Main Economic Indicators are optimistic, the market demand maintains a certain growth rate and the enterprise's business situation has been improved.

Sweden will be highlighting three areas at Hannover Messe – innovation, collaboration and sustainability. The country will also be bringing around 40 highly relevant start-ups and scale-ups to attend the global show.

New cutting tools are continuously being introduced to the market, but what is the process needed to develop a product from concept through to the spindle?

Cloud computing can deliver numerous advantages for the manufacturing industry and the global spending on Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning software is also predicted to increase from 19.1 billion dollars in 2017 to 28.8 billion dollars by 2028.

Cutting edge technologies and solutions dominated the Pragati Maidan venue as the Asian machine tool expo took off to a blazing start. The TAL Brabo robot by TAL Manufacturing Solutions and Cognex’s new launch of the Surface FX feature extraction tec

The Indian machine tool industry is growing at a steady pace and with the continuous support of the government aims to grow even further ahead.

From Festo’s innovative bionic bots to Sony’s robotic Aibo dog, the exploration and perks of technology aim to make life convenient and relaxing for humans.

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