The increasing demand for robotic process automation in business operations has led to increased awareness about the concept across the globe. With its many features and plus points, RPA is set to dominate the work process of the future.

Indian start-ups and research centers are breaking barriers and developing some of the most stunning robots not only in the country but across the globe.

Robots have demonstrated their plus points in the automotive industry and the Indian market has embraced it with open arms.

The Indian machine tool industry is on a growth wave owing to the rise of the automobile industry. IMTMA predicts that for the year 2019-20, production of the machine tool industry will grow by 25 % and consumption by 20 %.

Helmut Schmid, Managing Director at Universal Robots and General Manager Western Europe, on the integration of lightweight robots into the machine and what designers need to keep in mind.

Collaborative robots or popularly known as ‘cobots’ have been witnessing growth not only in large manufacturing firms but medium and small-sized firms as well. Ahlam Rais interacts with industry leaders and traces some of the key benefits of cobots.

The huge demand for palletising robots is expected to bring in many technological innovations to meet the requirements of the customer. Universal robots and Fanuc have recently upgraded the game with their unique solutions.

As another year has gone by, the collaborative robots market introduced many innovative cobots with an aim to ease production and further explore the human-machine collaboration concept. Ahlam Rais singles out three of the most efficient and cool cob

In 2018, China's machine tool industry is running smoothly, the Main Economic Indicators are optimistic, the market demand maintains a certain growth rate and the enterprise's business situation has been improved.

Sweden will be highlighting three areas at Hannover Messe – innovation, collaboration and sustainability. The country will also be bringing around 40 highly relevant start-ups and scale-ups to attend the global show.

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