Jun 30, 2017

SPRING Technologies, a leading software provider for enhancing the efficiency of CNC machines, is gearing up for one of the most important trade fairs of the year: EMO in Hannover, Germany that will be held from September 18–23, 2017. This year, digitalization and Industry 4.0 are the focus of the world’s leading metalworking trade fair. Under the motto ‘Connecting systems for intelligent production’, the trade fair will provide an overview of business models arising from Big Data and connecting the value chain. EMO’s theme of this year will be strongly represented at the NCSIMUL trade fair booth as efficiency, innovation and flexibility will lead the way for CNC manufacturing in the future.

Fast, flexible machine switches with simulated and optimized NC codes

“A big challenge in manufacturing is to be able to react quickly and flexibly to customer orders and changes in shop floor resources while always making optimum use of the machines reducing overall production costs: machines, raw material, tools, programming time. Manual re-programming in the traditional process can take several days. With NCSIMUL NC programs can be converted automatically. This way, switching the machine can be done in only a few hours. As a result, considerable time is saved, not only in programming. In addition, the quicker new CNC machines can be put into operation, the sooner they will contribute to the production results”, explains Gilles Battier, CEO of SPRING Technologies, and continues: “The uniqueness of our technology is that NCSIMUL 4CAM not only reads, simulates and optimizes CAM files and NC programs, but is also able to write a new program which will run error-free on the desired target machine, kinematics and control. This is a true game changer in today’s CNC manufacturing process.”

The machine simulation checks the NC code after the post processor operation, generating absolutely collision-free programs at maximum speed which also considers the set-up situation, as well as swivel and entry movements in the machining area. Furthermore, the tool paths will be optimized; unnecessary tool motions, as well as the dreaded tool crashes, will be avoided. According to the manufacturer, NCSIMUL users can reduce the processing time of their NC programs by 20% on average simply by optimizing processes.

The digital shop floor - in an automated and intelligent process

A digital tool management using its own 3D kernel and a quality graphic presentation completes this innovative software solution. “In this way, the entire process from the CAM system to the first chip removed can be digitally mapped and controlled. It is this integrated process with its outstanding 3D technology and fast calculation which makes the difference with our NCSIMUL SOLUTIONS,” highlights Herbert Schönle, General Manager DACH of SPRING Technologies.

Digitalized CNC manufacturing, however, does not end at the plant gate: 3D NC videos of simulations can, for example, be used within supplier management, allowing a linked production process reaching beyond company borders. And in reverse, users can download tool data directly from the tool clouds; existing CAD/CAM data can be imported via interfaces to be used in all leading CAM programs. Paper set-up sheets should become a thing of the past. The digital technical document management provides real-time access to current modifications and interactive co-operation.

In France, NCSIMUL 4CAM was awarded the Trophée de l’Innovation 2016, and in Germany the MM Award at AMB 2016 and the INTEC Preis 2017.

All features of the latest NCSIMUL 2017 version are available for EMO visitors to experience via live demos.

NCSIMUL trade booth: Hall: 25 / Booth: B27



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