Anjan Kumar, Vice President, Sales, APAC & EU, AXISCADES shares his views on the Digital Twin Technology along with the benefits of using this technology in the manufacturing industry. Read on to know more…

The latest version of the hypermill CAD/CAM suite, 2019.1, is now available. Open Mind, one of the leading manufacturers of CAD/CAM solutions, has expanded the finishing module in the hypermill Maxx Machining performance package.

Open Mind Technologies, a leading developer of CAD/CAM software solutions worldwide, has announced that it has recently partnered with Okuma America Corporation, joining the Partners in Thinc collaboration, founded by Okuma.

Digitalisation is transforming the manufacturing sector and there is a need for industry players to upgrade their processes if they want to stay competitive in the sector.

3M China chooses LMS testing solutions from Siemens PLM Software to help car makers reduce interior noise.

Designed to simplify the additive manufacturing process from 3D CAD model to printed part, the ESPRIT Additive Suite will feature programming, optimization and simulation for direct metal deposition, 3D powder bed, and subtractive manufacturing.

The NCSIMUL 4CAM technology not only reads, simulates and optimizes CAM files and NC programs, but is also able to write a new program which will run error-free on the desired target machine, kinematics and control.

When German-based Pestel Pur Kunststofftechnik reached the limits of their CAM programming in difficult areas, they had to look for an alternative and turned to Solidcam.

Dassault Systemes, the French Multinational Software firm recently expressed its interest in extending digital services to the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Indian manufacturing sector.

Matrikon FLEX is the first easy-to-use solution to enable communication of any application with OPC UA.

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