Precihole Machine Tools offers hi-precision deep hole drilling and hole finishing technology. Recently, the company showcased its newly launched machine – the Slant Bed - BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machine at IMTEX 2019. The machine is capable of drilling holes from Ø20 mm to Ø400 mm up to 10,000 mm in depth. The new patent pending features on this machine produces top quality results. This is the first of its kind ‘Slant Bed BTA Deep Hole Drilling’ machine in India.

The design makes the component or job to be very close and easily accessible to the operator and the chips are flowing in the front of the machine allowing the operator to quickly check the quality of chips being generated during operation.

The machine is robust enough to allow high feeds in process and withstand the incredible torque experienced during the cutting operation. This is a complete solution that includes a precise machined base with multiple assemblies, oil filtration system, oil chiller, chip conveyor, chip shedder and an oil centrifuge. This machine finds applications mainly in the military, aerospace, oil & gas and energy industries.
Precihole Machine Tools
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