It is important to have the correct fixturing on hand for efficient measuring. Time taken during the process of fixture changeover from loading station to CMM machine is as important!

The Witte Scooter, is a drive unit with autonomous navigator, specially invented to coordinate the shuttling of fixtures. Equipped with a working unit using a conveyor belt together with a grid plate, it helps to reduce or eliminate bottlenecks caused by fixture changeovers. Significant process improvements can be achieved using this system.

In addition to this, Alufix Light Plates is a new addition to the widely used grid and grid base plates conforming to the same Witte standard grid ALUFIX 25/40. Light weight is an essential parameter in fixture building and metrology, these plates are not only lightweight but have the same functionality and renowned high precision. These plates are perfect for use on Witte coordinate measuring machines as frames for optical measuring using transmitted light or even as an accurate clamping surface for individual tasks.

The Alufix Light Plates follow the principles of modularity and individual segments can be joined to create a continuous grid. More available options include mounting holes for existing machine tables, levelling supports and coupling elements. Full surface grid structure plates can also be used as precision tables by adding struts.

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