This article series are dedicated to the changes and developments in the aluminum high pressure die casting industry: "Internationalization", "Product Portfolio", "Technologies" and "Employees".

To further boost its far-reaching global presence in metal additive manufacturing, DMG Mori announced at Formnext 2018 that it is taking a 30% stake in the Indian company, Intech.

The UK-based company will be showcasing its most recent additive manufacturing system – the RenAM 500Q at the exhibition.

The trade show will display the latest innovations in the additive manufacturing sector and also demonstrate the wonders of product development when traditional tool making and additive technologies are combined.

Hacking data or even electric cars has become so common now. It is in this scenario that there is an urgent need for people to become aware of the risks involved and also undertake measures to protect their assets.

At the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), global engineering technologies company Renishaw will exhibit its additive manufacturing software and systems from a dedicated booth.

The 6,000 sq meter campus will focus on prototyping, series production of parts, and customized solutions for the automotive industry.

The automobile and auto components segment is booming in the Indian market. The success of this segment directly relates to the business opportunities in store for the die casting industry.

Additive Manufacturing is the next big phenomenon in the manufacturing sector. This technology has numerous benefits and has been used extensively in the automobile and aerospace industry.

The ‘Metallurgy Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide 2017 – 2023’ report from Wintergreen Research, talks about the current scenario of the industry.

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