Mar 27, 2018

The global grinding machinery market is forecasted to reach 5.43 billion dollars by 2021 and grow at a CAGR of close to 4% during 2017-2021 according to a report by Technavio, one of the leading market research companies. The most dominating regions in terms of consumption of grinding machinery include Americas, Europe and more recently APAC with the rise of industrial growth across diverse manufacturing sectors such as automotive, aerospace, and shipbuilding. Some of the leaders in the global grinding machinery market include Amada Machine ToolsANCA and Junker.

Amada in the market

Amada Machine Tools recently exhibited grinders at EMO Hannover 2017 i.e. the optical precision profile grinder – GLS-150GL and the high precision forming grinder – MEISTER-G3. The optical precision profile grinder offers a high accuracy wheel and elevation table. The 155 mm wheelhead stroke and 400 min-1 high speed reciprocation (limited stroke) has the capacity to handle a wide variety of workpieces.

This is enhanced with a wide array of accessories and a large capacity wet grinding splash guard system. It also comprises a standard high power spindle (6000 min-1) that is compatible with large diameter grinding wheels and allows the installation of TC-20 (20000 min-1) depending on workpieces to be ground. The machine’s ‘center-of-gravity bed design’ optimizes the layout of jack bolts and ribs and eliminates deflection in the center area and increases static accuracy. The high precision forming grinder – MEISTER-G3 provides high speed table reciprocation.

Amada Machine Tools’ proprietary positioning scale and hydraulic servo system can achieve 250 min-1 high speed reciprocation and significantly increase grinding efficiency. The machine also offers optical linear scale for high accuracy positioning. The vertical axis is accurately positioned by fully closed feedback using a linear scale of 0.05 μm resolution (optional for MEISTER-V3). Lastly, the installed heat-insulating cover can cope with thermal symmetry structure and environmental change and assure work safety.

ANCA’s product line

Grinding micro tolerances with superior quality, ANCA’s TapXmicro delivers superior quality achieving a pitch diameter CpK of 1.5 when batch grinding M1.4 x 0.3mm taps with a tolerance of ±7μm. Based off ANCA’s proven MX Linear machine platform, the five axis machine includes all the necessary features to support each grinding operation. It has capacity for up to six wheel packs, dressers for all grinding wheels and a flexible compensating chuck system between centre work holding.

ANCA’s FCP4 High Production Drill Grinder (FCP4) can produce drills from Ø0.8 to Ø4mm presenting an exciting opportunity for drill makers. Important efficiencies and cost benefits can be realised by manufacturing a complete high speed steel (HSS) drill on a single machine. From a blank piece of raw material, the FCP4 grinds the Flute, Relief and Point producing a finished drill.

The new machine will enable a complete drill to be manufactured every 20 to 25 seconds, a significant difference from what is currently available in the market. The CNC capability of the FCP4 also has significant advantages in quicker changeover and less setup times required, making the option of smaller production runs viable.

New at Junker

Junker’s JUCENTRIC 500 is a cylindrical grinding machine that grinds camshaft tubes, assembled camshafts and slashes cycle times by half. For the external grinding of cam shafts, workpieces are positioned and clamped in the JUCENTRIC 500 between centers – the workhead and tailstock. Grinding takes place while the workpiece is clamped in position, ensuring that the relation to the centerline is maintained. The major benefit here: Downstream processes such as finishing and joining are significantly simplified. By clamping workpieces between centers, the JUCENTRIC 500 permits a more rapid grinding wheel approach to the workpiece, and reduces the grinding times.

Junker’s ZEMA corundum grinding machines fulfill the requirements of series production for a wide range of different workpieces. The CNC grinding machines grind elements such as flanges and journals on crankshafts as well as gear, turbocharger and cardan shafts or spray nozzles with the utmost precision and reliability. In total, the corundum line comprises three models, each of which has different focal points. The Numerika is designed for the series production of a wide variety of different workpieces – up to a length of 3.50 meters in the biggest model. The cylindrical grinding machine KARGO takes ultra-heavy workpieces such as shafts for generators or electric motors with weights of up to six tons easily in its stride.

Numerous innovations in grinding machines are on the rise as customers are always on the lookout for machines that are technologically advanced; produce quality and accurate products in a shorter period of time. If you are looking to explore this area further, do visit the GrindTec international trade fair for grinding technology that is scheduled to be held in Messe Augsburg, Germany from March 14–17, 2018.


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