Jul 13, 2017

Unsatisfactory grinding results, pump damage, blocked pipes, and more – this is often the result of poorly filtered cooling lubricants. Economical, reliable grinding on high standards is only possible with extremely clean grinding oils.

The cleaner and the finer the filtration results are the better is the production quality. Moreover, if the filtration system is capable of filtering the coolant at high quality levels with prolonged service intervals, the whole process will become very economical.

Steffen Strobel, technical sales manager of the German filtration system manufacturer Vomat, which is also successful in the US market, states: “Filtered metal coolants are an important component in the value chain and should therefore not be seen as an unnecessary and negligible cost center. This way of thinking can quickly become dangerous. Working with inadequate filtration systems and outdated technology can turn out to be a quality risk and a cost burden.”

An important parameter in filtration is the particle size and thus the degree of purity of the cooling lubricant after the filtration process. According to the company, Vomat fine filtration systems filter to NAS 7 (3 - 5 μm) quality and particle size. Vomat filters operate in full-flow mode and separate dirty and clean oil. This is the prerequisite to permanently provide the manufacturing process with the cleanest grinding oil, the company says. At the same time, the system filters and cleans the machine as required.

This means that the backflush cycle is initiated automatically for each individual filter element, depending on need. The other filter elements ensure a continuous clean-oil supply to the work piece while the soiled filter element is cleaned. Low heat transfer into the cooling medium, reduced energy consumption, as well as economical, problem-free waste disposal are further strengths of the Vomat technology.

Reducing downtimes as a positive side effect

In addition, the user benefits from further advantages: the wear and tear of the grinding wheel is greatly reduced when clean coolants are being used during tool grinding. As a result, fewer abrasive particles are circulated in the coolant and the grinding tools last longer. In this way, more drills or cutters can be ground by one grinding wheel. Another positive side effect is the fact, that the grinding machine’s downtimes are reduced as the grinding wheels do not have to be changed and adjusted as often. Steffen Strobel explains: “With optimum Vomat filtration of his metal coolant, the tool grinder achieves long service life of his cutting tools as well as high process reliability and operating stability of his entire production system. Furthermore, it saves coolant costs and minimises drag out through the high-performance pre-coat filters.

According to the company, Vomat micro filtration systems are available in various sizes from 70 to 960 liters/minute (18 to 254 Gal./minute) filter capacity. Thanks to a variety of add-on modules, Vomat systems can be tailored to every conceivable plant configuration – from smaller stand alone units to plant wide high capacity central systems.


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