Feb 16, 2017

Blaser Swisslube India, the Indian subsidiary of Switzerland based company Blaser Swisslube is a specialist in high performance metal cutting fluids and cutting oils suitable for almost all machining operations and materials. Punit Gupta, Managing Director, Blaser Swisslube India shares, Originally, we are a coolant chemical company but in 2007 we decided to invest in machining technology. We have machining and tooling experts who are able to create formulations and add significant value to the production cycle which is then backed with sustainable services. This creates a magical combination of ‘Liquidtool’.”  

‘Liquidtool’ increases the life of cutting tools, provides better surface finishes and also offers a long sump life for the emulsions. It offers customized solutions to improve the customer’s individual total productivity, economic efficiency and machining quality. The USP of ‘Liquidtool’ is its unique mix of products (cutting fluids and cutting oils), application and consulting know-how and laboratory, customer and training services.

Gupta elaborated on the advantage of the ‘Liquidtool’ concept with a live example, “Recently, we carried out a project with DMG MORI for a customer in the aerospace sector for titanium machining. After machining every pocket in the conventional manner, we measured the tool wear and found out that it was able to produce about five pockets but with our coolant the machine could complete up to 11 plus pockets! These are the possibilities that exist.”


One of the major challenges for Blaser Swisslube is to educate its customers on the benefits of its product in the manufacturing space. “The coolant is often one of the last priority items found on the shop floor but now people have started to change their perspective. They have realised that it can be an investment driven theory with the assistance of the ‘Liquidtool’ concept where they can expect return on their investments. If we can intensify this further, we will grow on a y-o-y basis,” adds Gupta.  

Future prospects

In the Indian market, Blaser Swisslube is well recognised by its customers as one of the leading technology companies, claims Gupta. The company is looking forward to create many more customer partnerships through which its users can see value addition for their machines. “We are a growing company and believe on working on sustainable growth rates. Last year we witnessed a growth rate of over 10%. This year we are looking for a higher growth rate,” concludes Gupta.  

The company is looking at transforming the perspective for coolants; by achieving a growth rate of over 10% it surely is heading in the right direction. 


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