Mar 20, 2017

Zavenir Daubert specialises in the field of metal working fluids and aims to become a leader in corrosion protection in the coming years. Bringing significant technology advancements to India is one of their core strategies. Balwant Singh Bains, Head – Product Management & Marketing, Zavenir Daubert India opines, “In the cutting oil segment, we are bringing in products that are futuristic in nature. For instance, we have introduced products such as neat oils that are produced using natural gas which is the cleanest renewable fuel. The neat oils are then processed to produce cutting oils. This product is providing extreme performance benefits to our customers and is being simultaneously launched in India as well as Germany.” This is a welcome move in the background of some introducing outdated technologies to India from the west.

Production base

The company’s facility is located in Binola, Gurgaon and comprises of its corporate offices, manufacturing facilities & laboratories. In September 2011, blending and analytical facilities for manufacturing of its Kluthe range of products were added to this plant. Bains adds, “If things go well for us we will be setting up a new facility soon.” At the moment, the company has made investments in machinery and manpower and is looking at extending its reach to its target audience.

Current market scenario

Zavenir Daubert is well placed in the current economical reforms that will be introduced in the country. Bains elaborates, “The implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) will make businesses grow faster and better. It will make our customers work more efficiently and also open up new avenues that will enable us to introduce latest technologies in India.”

Amidst the changing scenario from manual to digitalisation, there is a need to upgrade the domestic skill set in the manufacturing industry. “We need to work on our skill sets; students in engineering colleges must be given vocational trainings. Digitalisation is the future and it will help the industry to prosper. We have recently introduced CRM in our company and are probably the only company in India and maybe even globally who have used Microsoft CRM and introduced service module into it. This is what will help people work more efficiently; more the efficiency more will be the growth in businesses. This will also result in creation of new jobs.” With the slow yet sturdy transformation, the manufacturing sector is poised for growth!



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