Production downtime and maintenance costs are slashed by the effective use of predictive maintenance in factories.

The metalworking fluid segment across the globe is expected to cross 15 billion dollars by 2025. The growth areas of the industry can be found especially in the Asia Pacific region, while in North America and in Europe sustainable metalworking fluids

The measuring area of the production plant for the VW Crafter, newly built in the Polish town of Wrzesnia, is a model for future-oriented technology.

Machining complex, high-value airframe components, BAE Systems turned to a wireless ballbar system to provide the machine tool diagnostics data it needed to maximise quality and productivity.

Fine filtered cooling lubricants represent an important cornerstone in tool manufacturing. With choosing the right technology, manufacturers can avoid unsatisfactory grinding results and, in addition, can save money.

Cooling lubricants are essential in machining metals for reducing heat and to remove chips. To achieve efficient results during production, it is important to use the correct cooling lubricant dosing.

Navyug Namdhari, one of India’s leading bicycle manufacturers opted for the Edge ScanArm HD by FARO, an ideal tool for reverse engineering and inspection.

Accuracy and on time delivery of projects are key requirements for the tooling industry. Godrej Tooling Division (Godrej) relies on Renishaw solutions to save time, money, reduce scrap and achieve a high level of accuracy.

How do you handle the topic of metrology? Do you have your own metrology department or are you trusting another company for handling your measurement projects? Before you hire a metrology service, there are several issues that have to be considered.

Quah Beng Chieh, Head of Marketing, FARO, Asia Pacific shares insights about establishing a manufacturing base in the country along with prospective opportunities present in the Indian market.

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