The 8th edition of the India Machine Tools Show (IMTOS) attracted footfalls in large numbers with over 45000 visitors attending the specialised trade fair.

The Indian Machine Tools Show (IMTOS) 2019 is a one stop platform for all your machine tool needs. Held every two years in India, the event offers a boost to local players.

The global smart sensor market is projected to reach 72.61 billion dollars by 2025. Smart sensors are gaining ground in the backdrop of Industry 4.0 and development of smart factories around the world.

To achieve plant transparency, manufacturers need to discuss and understand various requirements in detail. A ‘fully transparent plant’ can be achieved in a progressive manner.

Machine learning is trending across diverse industries and its benefits have impressed one and all. A deeper insight into the concept of ‘machine learning’ along with its industrial applications have been discussed here.

With factories becoming smarter and more efficient, the demand for industrial tech wearables has also increased as it secures and boosts the performance of the workforce.

Manufacturers are implementing the retrofitting idea in their factories to keep up with the benefits of smart automation technologies. There are also certain precautions that must be undertaken in order to ensure a secure and productive system.

RFID has been present in the market since ages but now companies are taking this technology to the next level by introducing innovations that offer more accuracy and efficiency across numerous industries.

South East Asia’s biggest exhibition for machine tools – IMTEX was recently held in Bengaluru, India. MM International visited the show and picked up six of the most impressive technologies showcased at the trade fair.

MM International interacted with representatives from numerous machine tool associations around the globe to understand their perspective on the growing Indian machine tool industry. Read on to find out more...

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