The Government of India has announced that it will be providing 4.37 billion dollars as a subsidy to 11 cities under FAME India, for launching electric buses, taxis and three-wheelers. The cities include Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Mumbai, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Indore and Kolkata, plus two cities – Jammu and Guwahati under special category. The nine big cities in the list will be given subsidy for 40 buses each while Jammu and Guwahati will get for 15 buses each. Subsidy for taxis will be given to Ahmedabad (20 taxis), Bengaluru (100 taxis), Indore (50 taxis) and Kolkata (200 taxis) – based on their demand. Bengaluru will get subsidy for 500 three wheelers, Indore for 200 and Ahmedabad for 20. This comes to a total of 390 buses, 370 taxis and 720 three wheelers.

Boost to electric vehicles

The selected cities are required to finalize the tendering process and issue supply order before 28th February 2018. Through this the Government of India is expected to spend about 4.37 billion dollars, which includes about 400 million dollars as incentives for installation of charging infrastructure. 

The present effort is a significant boost to electric mobility with the aim to roll out a number of electric buses, electric three-wheelers and electric shared cabs for multi-modal public transport. An Expression of Interest (EOI) inviting proposals from million plus cities and special category states for multimodal transport was issued by the Government. Under this EOI, additional incentive was also proposed to augment charging infrastructure for public transport. 


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