Apr 26, 2017

In the export of used machinery, the age of the machines usually determines their market. But dealers should also always keep a close eye on economic developments – and react accordingly, if required.

The market for used machinery, technology and facilities has become a global business. Particularly in Germany there are now many wholesalers, exporters and platforms like e.g. www.used-machines.com, which often focus on a wide range of different channels and industries.

The used machinery trade fair Retec is among the newest of these platforms and increasingly focuses on potential buyers and investors from all over of the world. The fair’s organisers expect visitor interest particularly from the regions of Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia, and mainly from the countries of Turkey, India, Egypt, and Nigeria.

Functionality more important than modernity in developing countries

On the market for used machinery, what is demanded of used equipment varies significantly from country to country. Not surprisingly, an economy’s development level plays a key role here. In developing countries, for example, there is high demand for robust, easy-to-use and inexpensive machinery that works even under the most difficult conditions. The build-up and maintenance of a minimum infrastructure and a reasonable energy supply as well as ensuring fast and efficient basic training in the operation of the equipment are usually much more important than having sophisticated high-tech machinery.

Consequently, there is a close connection between the age of a used machine and its potential international markets. But European markets are also still very important for the Retec organisers, emphasises Heiko Könicke, Managing Director of fair organiser Afag Messen und Ausstellungen GmbH in an interview: “In addition to the internationally important markets of our visitors, the fair’s aim is also to bring the strong industrial regions in the EU closer to us.”

Used machines machinery, for example equipment returned from expired lease contracts, is employed in many places in the European industry, particularly to supplement existing production facilities or as peak time support. However, machines that are somewhat behind the state of the art and have a lower degree of automation are often sold abroad.

Even in industrialised countries, new machinery is often only profitable in multi-shift operation and customers may have to wait a long time before it is ready. Used machinery on the other hand has the advantage of being available immediately.

International market subject to changing conditions

It is generally considered difficult to identify trends as to which countries have a particularly high demand for used machinery or which countries supply a lot of it. Market trends on the used machinery market are often closely linked to political and economic developments in export markets and thus can change quickly.

Two years ago, some used machinery dealers reported a difficult business climate in Russia because of the EU sanctions. Given the unchanged political situation, this assessment probably still holds true today. The market for used machinery will always be subject to such cycles. Dealers should therefore always keep a close eye on markets and economic developments to timely identify changing trends.

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