May 17, 2017

Moulding Expo, an international trade fair for tool, pattern and mould making, is focussed on classic tool and mould making as well as pattern and mould making, which is becoming more and more complex. To enable visitors to quickly grasp such complexities, a special approach has been adopted. Machine tools are presented at any machine tool show. But Mitsubishi Electric wants everyone to fully understand recent developments and see beyond buzzwords like ‘Industry 4.0’.

As a market leader in electric discharge machining with over 65,000 machines produced to date, Mitsubishi Electric offers its demanding customers highly cost-effective machines. Up to 69% power savings coupled with 30% higher productivity help customers to achieve more, the company says.

There are trends like digitisation and MT-connect and future standards like OPC/UA – but what do they mean for tool and mould makers in real life? Are these lasting developments? And how can toolmakers benefit from them more? The “Toolmaker Time Travel Tunnel” is geared to answer these questions and more – taking the visitor on a journey starting on 15 January 1921 (the founding date of Mitsubishi Electric) and shooting into the near future to 2021.

According to the company, Mitsubishi Electric's Toolmaker Time Travel Tunnel is an immersive experience where visitors not only witness the landmarks of company history, but also go on a multi-sensory journey. Within a few minutes, visitors will gain insights into important aspects of machine tools, travel across continents, see technologies from a different angle and have fun doing so.

After this experience, they meet up with the so-called time travel guides to pose their questions. This will help them to make sense of the challenges facing specific businesses and to find out about the opportunities that technologies offer.

Using history to make sense of today's challenges

The idea has been developed from the customer service focus, which is always at the heart of the Mitsubishi Electric business approach, Mitsubishi Electric says. Great customer service starts well before a machine is bought and goes on for decades afterwards.

Yuji Suwa, President of the German Branch of Mitsubishi Electric, explains: “It is one of our key strengths that we can offer an extremely diverse product range encompassing many industries and technologies. By removing the barriers between individual business units and acting as a single entity to further the interests of Mitsubishi Electric, we will enhance potential long-term prospects for the positive future growth of the business.”

A fundamental theme is that of addressing the global issues associated with long-term structural change in energy systems. Mitsubishi Electric has set clear targets for this in its Environmental Vision 2021 and its environmental statement, ‘Eco Changes – for a greener tomorrow’. This includes reducing the carbon emissions of the company's products by 30% (by 2021 compared to 2011). A zero-emission target is even planned for manufacturing.



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