Aug 14, 2018

Hypertherm has recently announced the appointment of Shin Han Yi Co. as the exclusive master distributor in Taiwan for its Powermax handheld plasma systems with immediate effect. This partnership is part of Hypertherm’s strategic move to provide better support for customers in Taiwan, and to expand its reach across the Taiwan market.

With over twenty years of experience in the Taiwan market, Shin Han Yi specialises in the manufacturing and sale of welding and cutting equipment. Shin Han Yi will tap on its extensive sales network to expand the market share of Hypertherm’s Powermax handheld systems in Taiwan. This includes the representation of Powermax systems at trade shows and open houses that Shin Han Yi’s sub-distributors participate in. Shin Han Yi will also provide dedicated support to customers in the areas of installation and servicing.

LU Han Wei, Geographical Sales Manager of Hypertherm, said, “Through this partnership, Hypertherm will be able to leverage on Shin Han Yi’s established network and presence, and keen understanding of customer needs to further enhance Hypertherm’s brand visibility in handheld cutting applications. We share a common emphasis on value-selling, and we firmly believe that there is a need for high quality and efficient cutting products like the Powermax in Taiwan’s manufacturing sector.

Chang Wei Shing, General Manager of Shin Han Yi, shared, “We have enjoyed working with Hypertherm over the last three years, and are delighted for this opportunity to continue to grow and support Hypertherm’s brand throughout Taiwan. With our efforts, Hypertherm will attain top of mind awareness in the industry.”

As part of Shin Han Yi’s key strategy, Chang highlighted that they will focus on helping the market understand the comparative value that the Powermax handheld systems offers, in order to strengthen Hypertherm’s position as one of the world’s leading cutting solutions provider.

LU concluded, “We are confident that this partnership with Shin Han Yi will allow us to work together to take the Hypertherm brand to the next level and make a significant impact on the manufacturing industry in Taiwan.”


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