Feb 17, 2017

The cooperative partnership between the HAIMER Group and DMG MORI has been further strengthened. Both companies signed a cooperation agreement which sets the standards for a premium partnership of HAIMER products. Furthermore, on January 1, 2017, HAIMER acquired the DMG MORI Microset GmbH company which is now operating under the name HAIMER Microset GmbH.

Successful machining requires both powerful machines and highly-precise toolholding technology, which ensures that the precision is transferred from the spindle right to the cutting edge. That is why the business relationship between the HAIMER Group, an international leader in high-precision toolholding, and DMG MORI, a global leader in machine tool manufacturing, has been very successful and trustworthy for many years.


With the acquisition of the DMG MORI’s Microset Tool-Presetting Technology, the HAIMER Group, a family-run company with nearly 600 employees, complements its existing product portfolio. In addition to high-precision tool holders in all popular interfaces and lengths, the current product portfolio includes a variety of shrinking and balancing machines.

Claudia Haimer, CEO of HAIMER, explained, “Since the company location of HAIMER Microset GmbH with about 35 employees will remain in Bielefeld, Germany, this will be our second HAIMER production site, including our main headquarters in Igenhausen, Augsburg, Germany. The Bielefeld facility will be further expanded to become our Northern Germany sales and marketing hub, where we will be able to present the complete process chain that surrounds the machine tool to current and prospective customers. We are looking forward to the long-term development of the new HAIMER facility together with the employees in Bielefeld and an intensified partnership with DMG MORI.”

Cooperation agreement

The cooperation agreement establishes an even stronger relationship between the two companies with a premium partnership. Henceforth, DMG MORI will purchase all products related to tool presetting, balancing and shrinking including shrink fit holders as well Tool Rooms exclusively from HAIMER. All DMG MORI technology and solution centers and production plants worldwide will be equipped with HAIMER products.

“We are looking forward to a successful cooperation together with HAIMER as a Premium Partner,” said Christian Thönes, CEO of the DMG MORI AG. “We will present our first joint products regarding the Smart Tool Management as early as the 2017 EMO show in Hannover.” The cooperation agreement additionally includes that DMG MORI will continue to display HAIMER Microset products during exhibitions and open houses and that they will continue to distribute these products through their worldwide sales and service companies.

Andreas Haimer, Managing Director and President of the HAIMER Group, further added, “HAIMER Microset tool presetting technology complements our existing portfolio of high-precision tooling, shrinking and balancing technology perfectly, thereby making us a system provider for tool management around the machine tool.”



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